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Important Box of Important Things!

Hello and welcome to Conlangers! We hope you enjoy yourself here.

Before you join, please read over our Guidelines for Conduct.

General Rules and Tips for Being Grammarintense
  1. Treat others as you would like to be treated.
  2. Respect the intellectual property and rights of other members of Conlangers and the conlanging community at large.
  3. If you decide to post a blog entry to the group, please verify the spelling and grammar of any blog posts that you write (to the best of your ability), and then allow the administrators of Conlangers to approve the post for publishing.
  4. Join the community! We're here to have fun and create language!


NaCoWriMo 2010

I'm Curious
I'm Curious
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#Conlangers Folder on Google Docs: Message an admin for access to everything. Individual documents are listed in relevant sections of the blog.

LangCon: Chatroom located here. Times and dates will be announced through the blog. Message speria if you are interested in having a Langcon.

:bulletred:Language Construction Kit (LCK):bulletred:
Planet Construction Kit
Kahalle's List
Far-From-Earth's list
Limyaael's Rants (and one from TarawynWorldwalker)
The BG Language Creation Guide
Jörg Rhiemeier's Conlang Page
Glossary of Linguistic Terms
WALS - The World Atlas of Language Structure
CALS - Conlang Atlas of Language Structure
The Speech Accent Archive

Non-dA Communities and Such:
CONLANG-L Mailing List
Frath Wiki
Conlang Wiki
Zompist Bulletin Board (ZBB)
Conlanger Bulletin Board (CBB)
Conlanger Forum
Conlangs on Unilang
Conlangery on Omniglot
Conlangs group on Facebook
Conlangs at Livejournal
Conculture at Livejournal
Imaginary Languages at Tumblr
The Conlinguinary at Tumblr

General Language Links:
Conlanger's Manifesto
Popular Linguistics
Language Log
Notes from a Linguistic Mystic
Motivated Grammar
@Languagebandit at Twitter

Linguistic Silliness:
Speculative Grammarian (SpecGram)
Linguist Llama at Tumblr
Linguist Lioness at Tumblr
Linguist Ling Cod at Tumblr

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p t k [p t k]
b d g [b d g]
f s ʃ h [f s sh h]
v z ʒ [v z zh]
m n [m n]
r l [r l]
j [j]


i ʉ u [i y û]
e ɵ o [ê u ô]
ɛ ɞ ɔ [e â o]
ä [a]


Singular Masculine -a -e -o kujna 'wolf' bine 'man' shavgo 'dog'
Plural Masculine -at -et -ot kujnat 'wolfs' binet 'men' shavgot 'dogs'
Singular Feminine -i -y -û vâzdi 'star' gyny 'woman' bahû 'cow'
Plural Feminine -in -yn -ûn vâzdin 'stars' gynyn 'women' bahûn 'cows'
Singular Neuter -an -en -on sâvjan 'word' jogen 'child' kason 'basket'
Plural Neuter -â -ê -ô sâvjâ 'words' jogê 'children' kasô 'baskets'

Nominative - bine 'man' binet 'men' vâzdi 'star' vâzdin 'stars' sâvjan 'word' sâvjâ 'words'
Accusative -n binen 'man' binent 'men' vâzdin 'star' vâzdinn 'stars' sâvjann 'word' sâvjân 'words'
Genitive -s bines 'of man' binest 'of men' 'vâzdis 'of star' vâzdins 'of stars' 'sâvjans 'of word' sâvjâs 'of words'
Instrumental -vâ binevâ 'with man' binevât 'with men' vâzdivâ 'with star' vâzdivân 'with stars' sâvjanvâ 'with word' sâvjâvâ 'with words'
Allative -to bineto 'to man' binetot 'to men' vâzdito 'to star' vâzditon 'to stars' sâvjanto 'to word' sâvjâto 'to words'
Ablative -de binede 'from man' binedet 'from men' vâzdide 'from star' vâzdiden 'from stars' sâvjande 'from word' sâvjâde 'from words'
Locative -shi bineshi 'in man' bineshit 'in men' vâzdishi 'in star' vâzdishin 'in stars' sâvjanshi 'in word' sâvjâshi 'in words'
Benefactive -la binela 'for man' binelat 'for men' vâzdila 'for star' vâzdilan 'for stars' sâvjanla 'for word' sâvjâla 'for words'

Indefinite -ne -ene binene 'a man' binetne 'a men' vâzdine 'a star' vâzdinne 'a stars' sâvjanne 'a word' sâvjâne 'a words'
Definite proper -se -ese binese 'the man' binetse 'the men' vâzdise 'the star' vâzdinse 'the stars' sâvjanse 'the word' sâvjâse 'the words'
Definite distant -te -ete binete 'that man' binette 'that men' vâzdite 'that star' vâzdinte 'that stars' sâvjante 'that word' sâvjâte 'that words'

Collective suffix - -ûm binetûm 'humankind'
                       vâzdinûm 'cosmos, space'


Active - zhâv- 'to speak'
Causative -ra- zhârav- 'cause to speak'
Passive -mi- zhâmiv- 'to be spoken'
Passive-Causative -ne- zhânev- 'cause to be spoken'

Imperfective - zhâv- 'to speak'
Iterative -yâ- zhâvyâ- 'to speak many times'
Perfective -kê- zhâvkê- 'to speak (action is performed)'

Non-Past - zhâv- 'to speak'
Past -l- / -le- zhâvl- 'to speak (in past)'

1. -an zhâvin 'I am speaking' -ame zhâvime 'We are speaking'
2. -is zhâvis 'Thou art speaking' -ihe zhâvihe 'You are speaking'
3. -y zhâvy 'He/She/It is speaking' -yj zhâvyj 'They are speaking'

Conditional -dy- zhâvdyn  'I would be speaking'
Potentional -bi- zhâvbin 'I may be speaking'
Eventive -mi- zhâvmin 'I could be speaking'
Imperative -ô zhâvô 'speak!'

Towards to- tozhâv- 'to scoff'
Away from de- dezhâv- 'to refuse, to deny'
Inside en- enzhâv- 'to persuade, to make believe'
Outside zo- zozhâv- 'to pronounce, to enounce'

Negation - nê- nêzhâvin 'I don't be speaking'

Adjectival participle -r- zhâvr- /  'speaking'
Adverbial participle -re zhâvre 'speaking'

Gerund -anen zhâvanen 'speaking (as an action)'

Infinitive -êt zhâvêt 'to speak'


Masculine Feminine

Positive - vesh- 'good'
Comparative - -tr- veshtr- 'better'
Superlative - -tud- veshtud- 'best'


Positive - veshe 'good'
Comparative -tre veshtre 'better'
Superlative -tude veshtude 'best'



1. ajsh-
2. zâv-
3. taresh-
4. tvatar-
5. svarm-
6. hsen-
7. tepesh-
8. hast-
9. ojzh-
10. totym-
11. ajshhêshkashj-
20. zâvtotynt-
21. zâvtotynt ajsh-
100. hêshka
1.000. zôhta

Ordinal -t- ajsht-
Multiplicative -kort- ajshakort-
Reproductive -têsh- ajshatêsh-
Distributive -put- ajshaput-
Fractional -nun- ajshanun-


Personal pronouns:

1. ma 'I' mê 'We'
2. sû 'thou' vi 'you'
3. er 'he/she/it' ere 'they'

Possessive pronouns:

Masculine Feminine

1. maj- 'my' mês- 'our'
2. sûj- 'thy' vis- 'your'
3. erj-.-s 'his/her/its' eres 'their'



en 'in'
an 'on'
ande 'above'
ende 'under'
per 'beside'
fal 'away'
enzâv 'between'
go 'behind'
zo 'out'
enkelon 'around'
prede 'before'
entaman 'during'
zân 'after'


nis 'without'
aner 'instead'
prene 'against'
hâsi 'despite, though'
endolge 'along, according to'
tan 'for'



Paratactical conjunctions:

ê 'and'
kin 'also'
ve 'or'
lâ 'but'
hash 'so'
ni 'than'

Hypotactical conjunctions:

ke 'to, for'
anah 'although'
da 'because'
ele 'if'
fase 'that, providing'


ajshe 'only'
toje 'yet'

Polarity particles:

ta 'yes'
nê 'no'


Word order:

SOV (Subject - Object - Verb)

Describing word - Described word

Copular verb:

esh- 'to be'

Word formation


Agentive / Related person -es- zhâv- 'to speak' → zhâves- 'speaker' bahû 'cow' → bahes- 'cowman'
Place -âyon zhâv- 'to speak' → zhâvâyon 'rostrum'
Diminutive -il- sûne 'son' → sûnile 'little son'
Augmentative -ôg- bôron 'mountain' → bôrôgon 'grand mountain'
Related abstract -anten hage 'brother' → haganten 'brotherhood'
Instrument -akan ktestêt 'to destroy' → ktestakan 'instrument for destroying'
Instance -[gender ending] zhâv- 'to speak → zhâvi 'speech'

Possessive / Affiliative -ish- ekva 'horse' → ekvish- 'equine'
Originative -em- dange 'sky' → dangem- 'celestial'
Similaritive -arf- kata 'cat' → katarf- 'felid'
Feature -êy- pilen 'hair' → pilêy- 'hairy'
Privative ne-.-êy- tuden 'tooth' → netudêy- 'toothless'


kujna 'wolf'
bine 'man'
shavgo 'dog'
vâzdi 'star'
gyny 'woman'
bahû 'cow'
sâvjan 'word'
jogen 'child'
kason 'basket'
binetûm 'humankind'
vâzdinûm 'cosmos, space'
zhâvêt 'to speak
tozhâvêt 'to scoff'
dezhâvêt 'to refuse, to deny'
enzhâvêt 'to persuade, to make believe'
zozhâvêt 'to pronounce, to enounce'
vesh- 'good'
zhâves- 'speaker'
bahes- 'cowman'
zhâvâyon  'rostrum'
sûne 'son'
sûnile 'little son'
bôron 'mountain'
bôrôgon 'grand mountain'
hage 'brother'
haganten 'brotherhood'
ktestêt 'to destroy'
ktestakan 'instrument for destroying'
zhâvi 'speech'
ekva 'horse'
dange 'sky'
kata 'cat'
pilen 'hair'
tuden 'tooth'
harj- 'high'
tunglan 'language, tongue'
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